update 13-3-17 Baltic states soon

one way ticket is it possible to happens soon?!

part time jobs, Acroyoga, new destinations, personal problems, all these still keep me away from my one way ticket. but for spontaneous and adventures person i believe it could happen in any moment.

something like half year ago when i back from my trip to Macedonia & Serbia. i was looking forward to back again when i back as soon as possible and to explore more. but so far until today didn’t back yet. this lead me to tell you that i did success to had a short trip to new distention, to Riga, Latvia. i booked the flight at the bathroom while i was looking for flights everywhere and cheapest! round trip to Riga from Tel Aviv costed me just 50 euro!!

here in my home town i do some part time jobs like work at hostel and at my stepfather office with survey stuff. i cant work in tourism here like guide because, license its just leading and guiding groups out of the country.
beside that i still keep my passion to travel but i make it s short trips, i dance more often salsa, and i have new thing started Acroyog πŸ™‚ i need to work on it so much.

last thing i would share with you! i booked just anther cheap flight next week for 2 weeks to Riga 60 euro round trip! i wanna explore more of the Baltic states, last time i just was in Riga, this time my mission to go out from it.

well when i travel i wanna mix nature and nightlife but its quite hard to find these spots, so if you know something share with me …..

will be so happy if you follow me on facebook, instgram, twitter




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