Meet the locals! Of Hersonissos area, Crete island! 

Kalimiera.                                                   (good morning in Greek) 

A short walk from my place to the supermarket, (to have my daily coffee) “fredo” as know as, cold coffee. And you ask for how many sugar! From this lady I learnt a bit Greek. And she’s there every day at the morning to serve me. 

To the “island restaurant” in front if the supermarket I will write later. 

 Where I order my coffee…that what I see and read every morning! 

So after I had my coffee, on the bench at the beach, I have few options to do:

 1- to drive to the airport to pick up the arrivals from my home country and to transfer them to the hotel. In this case! I will meet: security people, bus drivers, travel guides & rep. Like me etc let’s call them the people of the airport…..All those are also every day! 

2-To drive to some hotel! To have a breakfast! Hope you already know what I’m about to say: all who works at the hotel 95% chance you will them every day! Who take care of guests for check in, at the dining room, cleaning etc. 

3- to have nothing and just to chill out on somehow ☺ and to make new friends. 

4- to guide a day trip 

the Crete island! Especially the north cost very touristic area! And the season it’s just for 7 month April to October! Most of the locals works 7 days a week for the 7 month. It’s crazy! In addition lots of people out of Crete come to work here and make it their home for these months! That why I can call them also locals. 

In this area as I heard from many locals, that I talked with them during work of course, they told me here, in winter it’s a ghost city, now….many hotels,  bars , restaurants, stores, works good….but in winter everything closed! And we back gain to open in tourist season.

So who are the locals here ? 

They are from all around the world, bring many cultures to one area, at their work place is there home, family and friends. From differing spots in the world. 

See u next year Home 

I’m heading to make other spot home 

I will write maybe one more post soon about my experience and impressions. 


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