My first year as a fresh travel blogger !

writing to you from my hometown –
it just passed one year, and that how was it, my first year as a fresh travel blogger;

Summer 2014, my eyes catch a random post in Facebook of a random travel blogger, i liked the post, visit the face book page of this blogger, made me to like also the Facebook page. this think start to be my interest and wanted to start.

a few month passed, October 2014, by accident my eyes catch up a Facebook post was about: a travel agency where looking for urgent tour manger to Croatia & Slovenia. i succeeded of managing this trip, get paid good to make my next step. when i back home i created a Facebook page & blog.

November 2014 a forward step was to book a flight, to travel alone and write in my blog to share with readers. so i did, and traveled to Belgrade, Zagreb & Budapest. wanted that much to meet locals and to chat about the relations between Serbians and Croatians.
that was the start of traveling to 11 countries in 50 days, that include traveling solo, with friends & for work.
May & June / 2015 Poland
July / 2015  Germany , France & Switzerland
September / 2015 Austria, Slovenia and Italy

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few stuff i learned from solo travel
lots of mistakes at the beginning, but managing money from time to time, was getting better and to save money.
how to find a cheap flights !
having fun by myself 
to walk, to sit at bar, to dance at nightclub, to swim, to hike, to travel, etc. alone!
chat with people 
at a bar, a night club, at the flight, at the train, etc. its great way to make new friends, sometimes also continue to be kind of relationship, it also improve your skill how to talk and listen to people.

my interests on writing are the local stuff, to explain more, like: local food restaurants, street food, their way of living, local people stories & experience, local drinks, folklore dance, local culture, philosophy, their way of thinking and more.
covering this my interest topics not easy!
all these interest based on

Love  !!!
one of my missions while traveling is spreading love.

philosophy !!
like to listen to people and they listen to me, and argue about a topic to make better life for us & others.

my thoughts !!
i cant meet all the human being! thus i would like to share my thoughts here, and to spread it more readers as i can.

there are lot what to write about, but i hope this sum will be the base for future posts.
about the challenges that i faced going to be in the next post !



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