Twice in Poland, part 1; why Poland ?

Do you know how was my flight ? if not read my post up in wizzair


20150511_101031Two breakfast meals &  Two coffees with an ice-cream, sitting in some restaurant at he Jewish quarter in Krakow. that how i like to start my day, its not just for me, its for me and for my friend. after then we walked a bit at the old town, trying to get into the vibe, to feel the local thing, we decided, to sit, to have a beer and to watch people.


When was your first time in Krakow?
“long time ago, idk. early 2014 January, when i get Israel, when i had the first semester break”
Joe’s girlfriend from here, Poland. let say that is the main reason im here now. Joe and I we meet each other at the Haifa pub crawl , that i organized in my home town. since then we were good friends, so i get to know also his girlfriend wile visiting here to Israel few times. here u go that is why i traveled to Poland this time with Joe. tomorrow going to be a long day, and were should sleep early but we hangout in a few places, drinking, dancing, until get tired.

we woke up at time :). we took  the bus at 7:40 heading to the south to Zackopane a city in the Tatrs mountains, by bus it took 2.5 hours maybe a bit less, and when we arrived we were have to take other minibus to the start point of the trail.
our trail was to get to two lakes; the one MORSKIE OKO and the other CZARNY STAW.
the first part u have to options; to walk in the asphalt (1.5 hour) or to take a horse taxi (20 mins), in my opinion that is a boring part to walk it just make u tired, and in the other hand to take he horse taxi expensive.
what we did: we walk and in the way back we took the horse.
and u see that view

the second part it was let say the real hike from lake to the other lake, at that day the snow was almost all over, we hiked on the snow! we weren’t ready for sch as like this challenge but was fun, risky, interesting etc. to reach the second lake it this time was a frozen lake, and to take a look to all the way that we claimed on the snow, you smile and laugh thinking how to go back, but we did it and had a beer 🙂
here is my advice for u: never do just a trip to Zackopane, stay at least one night and have a perfect time in the city 🙂


In Krakow there is few “milk bar” restaurants its concept since the Soviet union, and they just kept it, its cheap, fast and good food 🙂 search for them at the old city! as usual we like to eat and to try new stuff, and after eating we went to underground museum worth visiting u get to know the mid-devil Krakow how was, later night we did a herrings crawl so cool.

later night around 2:30 i asked from Joe’s girlfriend to order for me a taxi to go to the bus central station….

in the next post u can know what happened !!!

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5 thoughts on “Twice in Poland, part 1; why Poland ?

  1. Poland is an amazing counry. What a good choice to visit. I’ve been to Warsaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Zielona Gora so far and really liked all cities. Poznan and Gdanks have been my highlights so far. Maybe you’ll have the chance to check some of these cities as well 🙂

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